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Recommended Reading

"The Circle: How the power of a single wish can change your life,"
by Laura Day
A logical explanation of how our thoughts can affect our lives and an easy to follow process for training ourselves to nurture the positive creative energy within.

The ""practical"" people of the world are quick to dismiss ""wishful thinking," and yet the process of creating anything begins with a wish."

"Beethoven's Hair,"
by Russell Martin
A journey across time that gives the reader the excitement of a mystery novel and the accurate historical facts that scintillate the intellect.


The Healing sun"The Healing Sun,"
by Richard Hobday

The author explores the complex biochemical cascade arising from sunlight, including interactions affecting the synthesis of vitamin D, hormones including melatonin, the pigment melanin, the minerals calcium and magnesium, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, even evidence that exposure to sunlight protects individuals from internal organ cancers, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis and jaundice.

Detoxify or DieIt no longer matters what you call your disease. The label your doctor gives you is meaningless. What matters is what caused it. Learn how to find the underlying causes and get rid of them with the only proven way to reverse disease and slow down aging. Order Detoxify Or Die , the 12th book with complete directions and over 700 scientific references by leading environmental medicine authority, Sherry A. Rogers, M.D., ABEM, ABFP, FACN, FACAAI. Detoxify or Die (Paperback) by Sherry A. Rogers. Also by Dr. Rogers, and highly recommended; The High Blood Pressure HOAX! According to Dr. Rogers, blood pressure drugs guarantee you will get worse, for they actually deplete the nutrients that cause high blood pressure, making sure you will need even more medications. They also shrink the brain and raise your risk of heart attack, senility and blindness.

Sugar Blues" by William Duffy
This startling sugar expose was written in 1975 and has recently had a rebirth of popularity among savvy, nutrition conscious groups and those who wish to become nutritionally aware. The book, inspired by Gloria Swanson's progressive stance against sugar, details the perils sugar has wrought on our population. Sugar Blues is an easy to read must for anyone wishing to understand how and why sugar is a poison that compromises health and beauty.

"The Power of Intention," by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
"The Power of Intention" is a book I highly recommend for all who would like to realize positive change in any area of life. This book gives a very readable perspective on finding your way to a basic core of living life in joy. The simple techniques and insights are not mystical or complicated; in fact it is just the opposite. This book serves as a profound reminder that the power to co-create is a gift we all possess.

Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth: Book 1, by Peter Kelder
"In this volume, you will be introduced to ideas, techniques, and wisdom that can empower you, enhance your health, increase your joy of living, and cause you to live longer. However, you won't notice that you're living longer. You'll be too busy enjoying life and living it fully."
--Bernie S. Siegel, M.D., from the Foreword.

The BIOLOGY of BELIEF, Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D
Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief gives verifyable scientific information on the biological functioning of human cells and their capacity to change and to respond to human emotion. The new-biology reveals why people can have spontaneous remissions or recover from injuries deemed to be permanent disabilities, i.e. “Belief controls biology”. Dr. Lipman’s innovative thinking and daring new insights give proper validation to the Mind Body Spirit connection and empowers us all to begin the healing process.



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